Fabric dyeing

I had a fabric with beautiful flowers. I didn’t like the white background, it was too white – I wanted to make it more cream.

fabric couloring 003


I boiled water and added 4 teabags and after a while 2 teabags more ( because the color was not good enough). I took the teabags from the water  and then I put the fabric into the water for 10 minutes…

fabric couloring 009

It looked like a soup…

fabric couloring 010

To an other bowl I put water with salt and it was time to rinse the fabric

fabric couloring 013

And the result was :

fabric couloring 017

I like the color of background. What am I going to do with this fabric? I will tell you later…

fabric couloring 019

The children didn’t have school today –  we had a walk  outside and we picked these lovely flowers. They have nice and very strong aroma !

Have a nice Friday!



Starting with tea…cosy

Here it is: my first post!

I put the tea cosy to the olivetree to take some pictures – but our cat Hadiara ( which means cuddly) wanted to go to see what’s that…

syksy ja talvi 2014-2015 166

syksy ja talvi 2014-2015 149

I used the tehnique “Lattice” from the book Cultural Fusion Quilts by Sujata Shah. In the beginning I cut squares 4 1/2 ”  so the block size at the end was 3″. The pattern was from Nero’s post, thank you Teje!