Hello! Today it was a lovely sunny day with cold wind. I arranged my sewing table. I found blocks from unfinished projects and I didn’t know where to store them. Then I got an idea! Few weeks ago I had made a pencil case for our youngest child. She chose the fabric and…

Danain kyn'kote 001

now she loves it because she can see what she has and she finds what she needs very easily

Danain kyn'kote 003

So I thought the vinyl would be perfect to make bags for the blocks:


Now I think I have to make some more, these bags are so practical. Thus I want to avoid plastic because it is so harmful for environment sometimes it is just so handy!

For the stuff I found from my sewing table I found very useful these pouches:


And for my good luck I found my rings under the fabric, they have their own pouch too:


Today I also got  a parcel from Finland. It was a nice surprise -my mother had found pieces of fabric, including Marimekko


…with Finnish chocolate, coffee and a book!


Thank you for visiting and reading my blog! Have a creative time!


2 thoughts on “Pouches

  1. Hi Anneli! Those are the best packets, enjoy your Finnish goodies! You made fantastic pouches! I haven’t tried that vinyl and First I think from where you find it. I think those Fabrics are beautiful! I have some similar pieces – sometimes they wait for a while, but then one day there is just perfect Project for them. Have a lovely day! x Teje


  2. Hi Anneli, What nice ideas for small pieces of fabric. Love the pouches, so praitcal and the scrap storage ! Always nice to get a packet from abroad!
    Have a nice long weekend!


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