10 x 10 = 100 x 35 = 3. 500… SQUARES !

Hello! Today it is spring in an air. This season I love yellow. After the dark winter it brings light and energy.

neli;peitto 041

From the garden I found many flowers, like this blue – violet one

neli;peitto 028

I don’t feel myself very blue one, I think I am more red one. So I decided to try to be more blue:

I started from the backing :

neli;peitto 035

Hmm..I am not used with the blue, I have to ask help from black and white

neli;peitto 036

Now I feel much more better to keep going

neli;peitto 037

I couldn’t stay in different tones of blue and I made a mix !

neli;peitto 038

But I tried to make a blue quilt! I think it is almost blue…Each block has 100 small squares and the quilt has 3.500 squares !!! And it seems to have less! My son is counting everything and he said that each square is 1 euro so the cost of the whole quilt is 3.500 euros !!!

Here are some more photos from this quilt: ( To take photos is difficult for me, to catch the colors..I have to start to learn to take photos…)

neli;peitto 026

neli;peitto 016

neli;peitto 025

neli;peitto 024

neli;peitto 013

and about the quilting

neli;peitto 023

neli;peitto 029

And because I try to learn to be more blue – violet, I show you my anemone – isn’t it beautiful ?!!

neli;peitto 005

Thank you for reading and visiting my blog! Have a nice week! x Anneli


6 thoughts on “10 x 10 = 100 x 35 = 3. 500… SQUARES !

  1. Anneli, I don’t know if I can say this, but I feel so proud of you.But I know this; I’m very happy to have met you.You never cease to surprise me with your talent, your meticulous work and your limitless patience.Congratulations you over did yourself again!!!


  2. Oh Anneli, this is amazing quilt! I had to look twice to believe that you have really sewn all the little squares and it’s not a check print. This quilt is beautiful MIX of colours – blue but not too blue. I’m also so happy to know you and happy that you started to blog so we can see what you make. Beautiful photos, too. It’s always nice to see the whole quilt, some close ups and garden is a good background. Just when I thought few days ago that it starts to feel spring, it started to rain, almost non stop. Have a great week, my friend! x Teje


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