The Silent People

Hello my dear readers and thank you so much for your comments in my last post!

After the finished work it takes a little bit time to jump to a new project. I want to try to do so many things but from where to start…I have so many ideas and I try to put them in order !

Near my home in Finland, beside the road there is the artwork of Reijo Kela. These peat heads have their clothing attended to twice a year. Their heads come straight from the field and their clothes from organized collections. If the Silent People were to be completely undressed there would remain some one thousand wood crosses standing in the field!

kes' 2014 012

kes' 2014 009

These pictures from last summer gave me an inspiration to make my own silent people..





and together:


one  of the people found its place from my jacket and I think it is okay there!  I hope one day the block will find its own place in a blanket…


I wish you to have a lovely weekend!



3 thoughts on “The Silent People

  1. Hei Anneli! This was a fun post! Your little lady brooch is so cute and the block with the girl shows well the artist in you! Both are beautiful! And the Silent People – wow they look fantastic! I wish you wonderful weekend! x Teje


  2. Hi Anneli very nice story and a perfect “silent people” !!!
    I wish you a wonderful weekend to you and to all your nice family!!!!


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