Flowers and bags

Hello, I wish all of you to be fine! I have been quite busy and the days pass. I had a small accident with my hand but it is getting better now so I could sew few bags.

The first one is made from squares with warm colors ( 5″ x 5″ ). I thought maybe it is going to be too “hot” for the summer but I think it is ” demi” and it is okay as a summer bag too.


My teen daughter wanted to have her own so I made a little bit bigger and more casual one.


I love her bag, it has very nice color and I quilted squares to the fabric ( you hardly see them).To the both bags I put magnetic buttons.




I started also a new project. I don’t know actually how it is going to be in the end but I thought something with flowers – it is summertime and in my summer there are many flowers!




The most of the flowers are made from low volume fabric. I should have made the better fonto, because it is difficult to see the colors but I will show you my progress next time.

One week ago we found a small cat. It was in a quite bad condition. Now it is getting better and stronger every day and it is so cute!


Isn’t it?

Thank you for visiting my blog! x Anneli