Flowers and bags

Hello, I wish all of you to be fine! I have been quite busy and the days pass. I had a small accident with my hand but it is getting better now so I could sew few bags.

The first one is made from squares with warm colors ( 5″ x 5″ ). I thought maybe it is going to be too “hot” for the summer but I think it is ” demi” and it is okay as a summer bag too.


My teen daughter wanted to have her own so I made a little bit bigger and more casual one.


I love her bag, it has very nice color and I quilted squares to the fabric ( you hardly see them).To the both bags I put magnetic buttons.




I started also a new project. I don’t know actually how it is going to be in the end but I thought something with flowers – it is summertime and in my summer there are many flowers!




The most of the flowers are made from low volume fabric. I should have made the better fonto, because it is difficult to see the colors but I will show you my progress next time.

One week ago we found a small cat. It was in a quite bad condition. Now it is getting better and stronger every day and it is so cute!


Isn’t it?

Thank you for visiting my blog! x Anneli


8 thoughts on “Flowers and bags

  1. Hei Anneli! Mita sun kadelle kavi? Onneksi on jo parempi ja sait ommeltua noin ihana laukut! Tosi hyva malli ja kivat kankaat! Kisuli on tosi suloinen, ja onnekas kun loysi hyvan kodin teilta.
    Paljon terveisia hijaisesta Haniasta. x Teje


    • Hei Teje! Nostin liian painavia painoja ja lihas ilmeisesti revähti. Mulla on edelleen sellainen paukama kädessä ja jos rasitan liikaa kättäni se on sitten kipeä, mutta kyllähän nyt aina voi pari kassia ommella,…..x Anneli


  2. Hi anneli. i always enjoy visiting your blog,because whatevre you post looks great, done with care and “meraki”. I like the bag pattern ,too.It’s big and spacecious as i like my bags to be. Did you quilt the one-coloured bag or are the shapes designed on the fabric? It looks really nice. I can’t wait to see what your flower garden will turn out in the end.Your bouquee is promising alot already


    • Hi Maria, thank you for your nice comment. I made quilting ( squares) to the fabric, I chose the thread with the same color and that is a reason you hardly see the quilting because I didn’t want the squares to come out strongly. How are you doing with your hexagons? x Anneli


    • Kiitos Marle kommentistasi! Kassit on tehty kokonaan neliöistä, vihreä kassi on tehty pellavasta ja se onkin kovassa käytössä. Pienempi värikkäämpi kassi on paksummista kangasnäytepaloista, jotka valitettavasti käytössä ovat nukkaantuneet. Hyvää alkanutta viikkoa sinulle. Anneli


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