A star by hand sewing

Hello after so long time! I haven’t forgot my blog but I had a quite busy summer. Now I am back at home and in every-day-program.

During the summer I gave time for myself and I was reading  a lot of the other’s blogs like Nero’s post, quilting stories,the root connection just to mention a few of them. There are so many talented quilters  and it is a big pleasure to see the photos  from their creations! Thanks for sharing yours nice works and stories, it is lovely to know there are so many other people who have the same passion.

I took my sewing machine to the “doctor” and now it is working fine. Despite of that I started a project which looks like this,it is sure it takes long time, because it will be done by hand sewing…


This is the first star. It has a kaleidoscopic effect and I liked the way to work it out. It is very relaxing to sew by hand!


I can’t resist to show this jug of Arabia, I found it from bazaar in Finland


I started also to make the pinwheels quilt. ( Not by hand!)


More in the next post…

Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a nice week!