Hello! I almost finished my pinwheels quilt. The pattern is from Sujata Shah’s book The Cultural Fusion quilts.  In fact I didn’t have in my mind to make the quilt, just to try her techniques again. I like the way she makes her quilts. The technique she shows in her book gives me the feeling of playing- and I like it! I would show the picture of her book, but I have the e-book so..but I wish one day I will have a printed book too.

About this quilt-I didn’t have in my mind to make 16 blocks neither I didn’t checked if I had fabric enough…And here I am with this quilt-playing with the pattern and with colors and not taking it too serious!



I found this table outside very useful


I had small pieces of this Moomin fabric. These pinwheels remind me about carousel and circus and I wanted to place these lovely characters together.


This Pikku Myy, Little My was my favorite one when I was child. She was fiery and irritable but also happy and friendly.




As I told this quilt is almost finished. My daughter announced she wants to have it, just I haven’t made a binding yet. What kind of binding would you choose? I thought the same color as the quilt has around, but it is not enough the fabric I have!!!

Thanks again for reading my blog! Have a nice time and play with fabric! x Anneli

Handsewing and quilting

Hello my dear friends, I just want to show you how the things are going:

My star has been growing more


Now I should make these star-flowers four or five more in different colors. I think I am going to have a small break because I have to collect some fabrics and it is quite a lot of work to hand sew all these small pieces.


The pictures are not the best ones and my desingwall has a white background so I took another photo with different light

DSC_0892 (2)

After all this piecing I missed my sewing machine. I cooked yesterday for today so I had few hours today in the morning  to do quilting. And it was lovely; the thread was not cutting!


I hope the quilt will be ready in the near future so I can show it to you.

With my best wishes, Anneli

Coffee time

Hi, today it is Cinnamon roll day in Finland. So I decided to surprise the children and I baked these delicious Finnish buns with cinnamon. Cinnamon smells so good!

In my sewing room I tried to finish my pinwheel quilt. I had few problems with quilting, thread was cutting all the time. I had some blue fabric close to me so I made this blue block. Where to use it, I was thinking it when I had my cup of coffee. I might do some more to have a new project after the pinwheel quilt and a piecing project I showed in my last post. I see I’ll have a lot of work…



Have a nice and creative week! Anneli

My first quilt

Hello! Today it was sunny. I arranged my quilts and want now to show you the first quilt I made. It was few years ago, I found pattern from Internet, I had some fabric and I was ready to take my first step to the world of the quilts. I knew sewing from my school time and fortunately I had brought my sewing machine from Finland when I got married! I made quilting by hand, I didn’t know actually what was the right quilting but I tried to make tiny,tiny stitches.. And I finished this quilt in very short time, I was so enthusiastic with my new hobby!! The binding is quite thick, I didn’t have an idea about basting! I wanted to do the quilt for my youngest daughter and because I didn’t have a lot of fabric I tried to make it larger with binding!!! Now it is a little bit short for my daughter but she still loves to be covered with it.

Here are some pictures about the quilt. The light was doing some tricks , I told it was a sunny day!



and Gourgour cat loves the camera…


Though it was sunny and warm today, there is something which reminds me about autumn:



In my last post I showed you the star from my project. Now this star has become larger….


I hope you to have lovely October and thank you for reading my posts and thank you for your nice comments! Anneli