Hello! I almost finished my pinwheels quilt. The pattern is from Sujata Shah’s book The Cultural Fusion quilts.  In fact I didn’t have in my mind to make the quilt, just to try her techniques again. I like the way she makes her quilts. The technique she shows in her book gives me the feeling of playing- and I like it! I would show the picture of her book, but I have the e-book so..but I wish one day I will have a printed book too.

About this quilt-I didn’t have in my mind to make 16 blocks neither I didn’t checked if I had fabric enough…And here I am with this quilt-playing with the pattern and with colors and not taking it too serious!



I found this table outside very useful


I had small pieces of this Moomin fabric. These pinwheels remind me about carousel and circus and I wanted to place these lovely characters together.


This Pikku Myy, Little My was my favorite one when I was child. She was fiery and irritable but also happy and friendly.




As I told this quilt is almost finished. My daughter announced she wants to have it, just I haven’t made a binding yet. What kind of binding would you choose? I thought the same color as the quilt has around, but it is not enough the fabric I have!!!

Thanks again for reading my blog! Have a nice time and play with fabric! x Anneli


10 thoughts on “Pinwheels

  1. Your quilt turned out beautiful. I love those character fabrics in there. Don’t you just love it when someone near and dear to you says, “I want that quilt”? I think I would use all the leftover fabrics and make a scrappy binding. I like how it extends the scrappy goodness of the quilt.

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    • Thank you Sujata! I think it is very happy quilt and your idea about binding with all leftover fabrics sounds good, I had thought that too but I didn’t have courage enough to do it.Have a nice day! Anneli


  2. Hi Anneli! This became beautiful and happy quilt! Nice surprise to see Moomins popping out there! For the binding I thought the same as Sujata Shah: any fabric from the ‘pin wheeles’ or all of them. I think with the dark border it would show well and nicely if the binding is from many fabrics. Some parts could be that border fabric. x Teje

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    • Thank you Teje for your comment! So I have to start to make the binding. In fact I thought this quilt without border fabric but I wanted the quilt to be large enough and I had to grow it with the border! Have a nice day! x Anneli


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