The exhibition in Nafplion and a log cabin block


Last week I visited the Nafplion, The Forest Forever Exhibition at Fougaro Gallery. The Forest Forever exhibition is a cultural collaboration between Europen and Afghan women .Since 2014 when it was first showcased in France the exhibition has been touring Europe. And this time we are the lucky one to see these excellent banners and the beautiful embroidery pieces here in Greece ( the exhibition  will last till the 15 November).

The 60 participating pieces resemble Banners of the forest. The artist used at least one embroidered leaf produced by Afghan women from the Langhami region in Afghanistan.

All of the works were so beautiful! I wanted to take photos but for my bad luck I had a problem with my camera! ( or maybe a photographer = I, didn’t know to take good photos…)

Anyway Here are few photos I managed with

DSC_0176 (1)

Here is a general photo from the exhibition

DSC_0178 (1)

This is a lovely detail from ” Symbiosis” by Marva Stoller  from Germany

DSC_0163 (1)

And this one a detail from ” Visions of leaves” by Judith Pauly

And here two embroideries from Afghan women



About myself and my sewing :  My time is very limited because of every day routine. The children are very busy and I am doing Taxi with them. At the moment I am just experimenting with the sewing I haven’t done. I found out that I haven’t done any log cabin block. So I took a look at my scraps and made this one


The funny is that I like the result and could think to make a table runner, but I don’t have dark red fabric I used in block!

Maybe I should add a crow


It seems quite black…


Is it better now?

I don’t know, maybe I’ll leave it for a while. If you have ideas what to do with the block, please tell me!

Have a nice weekend! Anneli


2 thoughts on “The exhibition in Nafplion and a log cabin block

  1. Hei Anneli! Nayttely oli varmaan hieno kokemus! Ihania yksityiskohtia ja aihe on innostava.
    Teitkin sitten alkuun ihan helpon log cabin blokin! Tosi hieno ja musta lintu marja suussa sopii just. Voisin kuvitella table runnerin niin etta onkin muuten valkoista ja tuo blokki jossain kohdassa. Oisko paikkaa nelion muotoisella joululiinalle? Tuo blokki voisi olla nelion yhdessa nurkassa – jaisi nakyviin vaikka siina olis paalla jotain. Hyvaa viikonloppua! x Teje


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