My Christmas Quilt

Hello, I must be the worst blogger in the world! When I started to have a blog I had in my mind to write a new post every two weeks and  now I realize that I hardly write once in a month!! I am admiring those quilter bloggers who are so productive and they are writing regularly about their doings. I know it is a matter of time and how to organize it. Just I am not so good at that, I have too many things to do and then the days are passing by…

Anyway I managed to do my Christmas quilt. I wanted to do something red and white and something modern. I got an idea from nerospost ‘North Star’ changed direction. I made few stars from red and a little bit grey to center and I found from my boxes small pieces of fabric with red stripes and the trees were ready.

I made also few hearts and reindeer (applique)  but on the way I wanted to keep my quilt a simple one and didn’t want to make it too heavy.

The challenge for me was to make the quilting. There was so much negative space and I wanted to fill it. To the blocks with the stars I made back-and-forth lines. When I got used it was easy to make. Now I understand why it is important not to have bulks with the seams, I broke five topstitch needles when I was working on this quilt! The most of the negative space is filled with pebbles, I think they are easy to do and I love the texture that they add to a quilt.

Now I am going to show you the pictures I managed to take. You can see the weather is more like in the autumn and tomorrow it will be the 1st December!  I want to thank you for your comments and emails. It is lovely to hear one hey from the other quilters and it is nice to get to know the other quilters in this big world!

Christmas quilt

DSC_0375 (1)









DSC_0377 (1)


Have a nice week and creative December! Anneli



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23 thoughts on “My Christmas Quilt

  1. Anneli, it’s gorgeous!To be honest Christmas quilts are usually overloaded, that’s why I love the simplicity and the originality of your pattern. I’m sure it’s yours.I also love the variety in the quilting.Enjoy a happy Christmas season with your lovely family


    • Thank you Maria! I love all red white quilts! I suppose you like red white combinations too, am I right? The first color what comes into my mind when I think about you is red! Have a nice day and Καλό μήνα!


  2. Hi Anneli! This is gorgeus and I’m so happy you made this quilt! I love the trees, stars and lot of white space! Great quilting too! I feel I need one more christmas quilt using only white and red. Happy December! x Teje
    PS. your red couch looks super!


    • Thank you Teje! I needed your comment for the couch, you know when you see every day the red couch it doesn’t look so super 🙂 After I red your comment and had a look again to the couch I agree with you ,maybe it is not so bad as I thought!!! I am looking forward seeing your red white Christmas quilt! Have a lovely day! x Anneli

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    • Thank you Lorna! For me the basic elements in Christmas are the stars. I added also trees made by that beautifull fabric with stripes. The tree in a photo has everything I wish from Santa Claus: something which has to do with patch work and a trip to London would be so nice 🙂 Have a happy week! x Anneli


  3. Your Christmas quilt is beautiful! I just love the simplicity of the design and all that wonderful negative space. And your quilting is gorgeous! Great, great finish!


    • Thank you Izzy for your comment! Many times I have a temptation to overload a quilt. I had made more stars but in the end I didn’t put them all to my quilt because of the feeling it started to be too full! Have a nice day! x Anneli


  4. Hei Anneli! Aivan ihana tuo sinun joulupeitto! Minulle punainen on niin vaikea väri, mutta ehkä voisin yrittää sinun peiton innoittamana. Pidän kovasti tuosta valkoisesta taustasta ja tikkauksistasi. Kuuset ja tähdet, niistä syntyi ihana jouluinen tunnelma. Mukavaa loppuvuotta toivottaen, Marle


    • Hei Marle ja kiitos kommentoimasta! Itse pidän kovasti punaisesta ja punavalkoisesta. Tosin ennen tikkausta työ näytti aika tylsältä ja vaati koko valkoisen tilan täyttämisen tikkauksella, jossa olikin sitten aika homma, taisi 5 neulaakin katketa….Toivon sinullekin mukavaa loppuvuotta ja kaikkea hyvää! x Anneli


  5. I love modern patchwork!!! I also love red and white quilts.I do not know if you are aware of, but we are making red and white squares for the office of the Hellenic Guild. Maybe you could make one for this quilt too.


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