My Dolls

Happy New Year!

New Year, new things! I wish health, happiness, love and creativity for everyone!

During the Christmastime the last moment Christmas present idea was the dolls. I had ordered Helen Phillips Modern vintage gifts book and it arrived few days before the Christmas. It is lovely book and when I saw the dolls I wanted to make to my daughters handmade presents. I loved to make those and I am sure I am going to make more. It was funny after long days during the dark nights to make these ‘secret’ presents so no-one to have an idea what was going on. So one day before the Christmas I had hide the dolls into a box ( I hadn’t made them presents yet) the youngest girl came to me and said: Mum why didn’t you tell us that you have made those beautiful dolls!!

Here are few pictures about them:




DSC_0394 (3)

I put the pins with the first letter from my daughters names to their dresses.

To the Christmas tree I made few hearts from the same book!


Have a nice day! x Anneli



7 thoughts on “My Dolls

  1. Hi Anneli! Oh, your dolls bacame so cute! What you said to your daughter who found them? I have cut the mouse long time ago but don’t know when can finish it. Happy New Year! x Teje

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