A quilt top

Few days ago I finished one quilt top. I had other sewing to do but for some reason I started to make these wheels or circles. The pattern is from Modern Patchwork and it is paper pieced. So for quite many days I was making these circles. I thought to make a top cover for the bed ( which means I should have  done  16 blocks at least) but finally I made only 12 blocks ( each block is 16″ x 16″) and I thought it might be a nice throw beside the couch.




And here is the back of the quilt top


All the blocks on the design wall except one.


One week ago we had a one day trip to Monemvasia


It was a warm day and the cats were sunbathing on stairs…


And today it was a lovely and warm day. The first day of spring and the almond trees are full of beautiful flowers!


Καλό μήνα! Have a nice month! x Anneli