Blue Blues

Hi! It is so long time since the last posting! I hope you are still there and fine!

I had this scrap project and now at last I finished it! I wanted to make quilting by hand, in that way I was more free to move and because I don’t have permanent place to sew I was not forced to think in which room to sew!

When I started I didn’t have something in my mind I just had huge bag of blue scraps. I am not sure where I am going to put this one- but it is not the result it is the process and it was so relaxing to make this one!





There were so many possibilities to arrange the blocks

DSC_0399 (1)



DSC_0423 (2)





And to the end a photo from lovely Nafplio



Thank you for visiting and have a nice week! x Anneli

I am linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday and Scraptastic Tuesday


12 thoughts on “Blue Blues

  1. Hei Anneli! Tasta tuli tosi ihana! On sininen vaan niin ihana vari! Tykkaan sinun valitsemasta sijoittelu-vaihtoehdosta! Upeita kuvia myos! Voi hurja kohta jo paasiainen ja sitten onneksi kohta ohikin ( en jaksa sita hossotysta). On oltu tosi kiireisia toissa ja huomenna alkaa sitten sesonki toden teolla. Terveisin Teje

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