Playful Pinwheels

Last weeks I have been finishing the works I had left unfinished for some reason. One of those works was my Pinwheels quilt.

I have mentioned many times that one of my favorite quilt designer is Sujata Shah. I like so much her free-form blocks and cutting without ruler. First I had bought her Cultural Fusion Quilts book as e-book, but for me it was quite difficult to read and follow the instructions from tab, I wanted to have a real touch of it and that’s why I couldn’t resist having a real book!

This quilt is from her book ( after so many words I wrote it is not surprise!). The background fabric is with theme Moomin (Finnish one by Finnlayson). I was a little bit afraid to cut it because couldn’t imagine what is coming up and had to deal with the fabrics I had. Here you can see my post of this quilt top.

Now it was time to add the binding. For binding I used the leftover scraps.

When I am looking at this quilt now it takes me back to my childhood! The moomin in the backround fabric are like playing hide-and-go-seek in the pinwheel park!!

So, here we go







Have a nice week and a lovely day! Thank you so much for reading my blog and the comments! x Anneli

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27 thoughts on “Playful Pinwheels

  1. Hi Anneli! This is so beautiful quilt! I can understand why you love her designs! Your fabrics and colours are great and to know that there are hiding Moomins make it even more special! Very good photos too! How’s the weather there? We have south wind – wearing t-shirt and summer shoes for a doggy walk! Yesterday we had +30C and have wonderful, unusual coffee moment in the Venetian harbour (after frustrating moment in Ika). Hugs! x Teje


    • I was not so sure how it is going to turn out with this quilt but I had so long time this Moomin fabric and wanted to put it somewhere. With the other fabrics I just had to use what I had.. I like the result too and Melina owned already this quilt! The weather is stormy but quite warm, I am wondering when we have the chance to drink coffee and talk about sewing!! Thanks for your comment Teje! x Anneli

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    • I used natural cotton wadding, in fact I have used in my quilts different cotton wadding just to find the best one for me. I have Janome sewing machine and though it is good always there is difficulties to quilt big quilts and I want to have a light not thick wadding for not to be so stressful for the machine. Thanks for your comment!


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