Few days for Christmas

Last preparations for Christmas! It always happens me that all inspirations come at last minute and every year I say the same: Next year I will start earlier !

During these days I have been mostly knitting and just little bit sewing.




Just few pictures in this post! I wish all you to be fine and enjoy these days without stress!


x Anneli


2 thoughts on “Few days for Christmas

  1. Hei Anneli ja hyvaa joulun aikaa! Ihana etta olet ehtinyt kutoa sukkia ja tontut tuovat mieleen Suomen! Olen saanut ystavalta tuollaisia ‘kudottuja’ tonttuja (olivat varmaan Ruotsalaisten joulumyyjaisista). Hieno patakinnas ja maisemakuva! Lampimin terveisin Teje


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