Small houses

The last days I have been sewing small houses. This is a great way to use the scraps. The size of the ready house block is 4″ x 4″ so you can imagine how small the houses are. And I didn’t use the paper!! I made totally 24 blocks and I am thinking how to finish this house project.

Before showing you the photos I just want to say in case you didn’t see the sidebar: I started today in INSTAGRAM!!!You can also follow me there.

And now back to the houses:


In the beginning:






And this last picture I took in the evening without flash and that’s why the colours are smooth.


This is I call happy sewing process ,I loved to play with the colours. This would be a lovely neighborhood to live!

Thanks for your sweet comments! Have a nice week and  happy sewing! x Anneli





10 thoughts on “Small houses

  1. I love your little houses and especially the bright and happy colors you are using. I have a thing for houses! You should join in the mini blog hop that Jen Rosin and I are doing! It involves a house! If you want more details, just let me know.

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  2. Hi Anneli! This is the cutest village and I’m sure in every hose lives quilter! I can imagine how much fun you had making each house and picking the fabrics and choosing the colours! Have a lovely day! I’m starting the doggy walks … x Teje


    • Hei,kiva kun poikkesit!Yritän löytää ratkaisun miten lopetan tämän taloprojektin.Seuraavassa postauksessani näytän vielä yhden toisenlaisen talon.Kiitos vielä kommentistasi ja hyvää viikonloppua sinullekin! xAnneli


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