A Little Bit Of Everything

Today it is a lovely sunny day and the feeling of spring is in the air. I have so many ideas in my head, meaning the sewing of course, but feeling sad at the same time because my hand is not as it should be. I hope it will be better soon and not to be so painful. I try to avoid big projects now till I am again in my full strength but when the sewing bee has bitten there is no matter if I use one or two hands but Have to sew something!!

This time I made few small projects and happy ones.


Inspired by the houses I showed in my last post. Using again the scraps (I feel they never end!) I decided to try to make pincushions like houses adding of course some stitches with embellishment thread.





When I see this tiny house it reminds me about the stories my grandmother told me when it was a bedtime. The magic world of stories! As in fairy tales there are houses and in with the houses there are also animals. I thought coming Easter, I remembered the grass we grew to the plate every Easter in Finland and then decorated the plate with small handmade chickens. I found pattern for small chickens from Tatyana, you should go to see what wonderful things she makes, I love her creativity. This small chick is so cute, I have to make more, I just love it!!


Having company this chick I made a new small pouch



These are the small things I wanted to show you, here are few more photos to see



And with this photo from our cat and the fresh lemons I wish you all to be fine and have creative sewing! x Anneli

Thanks for your visit here!





10 thoughts on “A Little Bit Of Everything

  1. I hope also that your hand will be fine very soon! Little sewings are fun and your houses and chicken are so cute! I love lemons and the smell of the flowers! Have you made lemonchello? It’s really good! Have a lovely week! x Teje


  2. How wonderful and many small things. Especially I loved the small pouch. They and other quilted bags are popular in Finland, although in Kemi Quilt Show March 2017, there were none – this time.

    Happy new week!


  3. I’m wondering what you stuff your pincushions with. I’ve heard crushed walnut shells are good but haven’t been able to find in Greece??


    • Hi Pat, I use crushed walnut shells I have brought from abroad. If you are living in a big city maybe you can find from any craft shop. I visited also the pet shop because some lizards like them but couldn’t find them, maybe you could give a try! Have a nice weekend! x Anneli


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