A New Start

It is long time from my last post. And many things happenend since that. Now it’s time to go further.

I couldn’t imagine to forget so easily blog writing and it may take  a long time to complete this post trying to find out how to add photos, to add the links and so on..

When I started this blog, my very good friend Teje from Nero’s post helped me a lot. She helped me with everything. We had long discussions on the phone about blogs and quilting. She was the one who courage me to start to write a blog.  When she passed away I had no mood to share my sewing projects here on blog. After that my mother got ill, last year I traveled to Finland every two months, there were no time for sewing. And then I lost again one of my friends! All is in life and we have to keep going.. From that period there are no big quilts, the only sewing was small projects.

And so today I sit near my computer and want to show what I made today..

I have told it earlier that I am not a blue person. I like blue color and I think it is fantastic and beautiful but it doesn’t represent me. At least not now, who knows one day!

I put my hands into my scrap basket, pulled with closed eyes one scrap…yes!!! It was a blue one!!! My challenge for today: to make something which is blue!


I am so enthusiastic with these pot holders. I used insul-bright to have a heat resistant, not heat proof! 

Though the blue pictures  may have a little bit summer mood,  the autumn is coming.

Have a wonderful day!


6 thoughts on “A New Start

  1. I´m so happy to hear that you are back! I miss Teje very much. She was as sunny as her quilts. I love your potholders! Blue is my color. Hope to hear you soon!


    • Thank you Marja! I miss her too… I hope I will manage with writing.. There are so many things to do. I am happy that I started again it’s so much easier to follow the other bloggers too! Have a nice week!


  2. Ihanaa, että olet palannut! Ja patalappusi ovat aivan ihanat, täynnä kesää! Toivottavasti kuulen sinusta pian lisää. Kivilattiassa on ihana sydämen muotoinen kivi!


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