Everything started from here:


I organized my scraps according the color. I try not to throw anything so I have a lot small leftovers and had to do something with them. I chose pink color and started to sew…


But what to do with this small piece of new fabric?


Maybe a blanket for a Rosy? ( Rosy is my daughter’s cuddly,my daughter took Rosy along where ever she went when she was small, so Rosy traveled in many countries and now she is sitting on the bed)

I thought that blanket would be too rosy for Rosy and ….


The “blanket” made a new appearance as a pouch! And now when I made the first Ι remembered the nail polish I had and I made few more these pouches…



During these days when I made these pouches I met one boy who showed me his favorite Lego, Mini Cooper. He told me that he would like to have a nice box to keep it inside. I asked him to come  to my house to make a box. One day he came with his mother and he made this box by himself and he was so happy!



I made also few boxes..they are always needed.



And here are all the pouches and boxes together:


Have a nice and creative week! x Anneli




Few quilts from my quilting life-online trunk show

Today it is the last day to take part to Trunk Full Show and it happened to be very busy weekend( as always!) and almost forgot  the trunk show. Thanks to Teje and Nero’s post I remembered it. Thanks Teje!


online trunk show

First of all I want to say thanks to Whims and Fancies for this great Trunk Full of quilts – online trunk show. I hope you have time to go and see the links-there are so many beautiful quilts!

I am going to show you few quilts which I made before I started to write this blog


This quilt I love very much! The pattern is from Sujata Shah Cultural Fusion Quilts book. I love everything on it- it is red-green ( my favorite colors). I really enjoyed doing it!  I had bought her book as ebook and it was funny because I had made this quilt before the paper book came out!


This quilt is summer quilt with summer stars! I wanted to do something with light colors- I had only small pieces of fabrics (at that time I just had found patchwork hobby) so I tried to join  all those small pieces I had. There are fabrics from my  daughter’s small dresses and few vintage fabrics too.


And the last quilt I want to show is the biggest one I have made (81″x 88″). This was also a first quilt I made quilting with my sewing machine,Janome. The quilting was a really huge project,I said many times for myself that I am not going to quilt so large quilts with my sewing machine anymore,but when I saw this quilt ready I had already forgotten what I said.. This Lattice quilt pattern is from Modern One-block quilts book by Natalia Bonner and Kathleen Whiting.I love to look upon those graphic lines and start too see circles and squares.

Thank you for visiting here in my blog. Have a nice week!


..and there is still 35 days till Christmas..

Playful Pinwheels

Last weeks I have been finishing the works I had left unfinished for some reason. One of those works was my Pinwheels quilt.

I have mentioned many times that one of my favorite quilt designer is Sujata Shah. I like so much her free-form blocks and cutting without ruler. First I had bought her Cultural Fusion Quilts book as e-book, but for me it was quite difficult to read and follow the instructions from tab, I wanted to have a real touch of it and that’s why I couldn’t resist having a real book!

This quilt is from her book ( after so many words I wrote it is not surprise!). The background fabric is with theme Moomin (Finnish one by Finnlayson). I was a little bit afraid to cut it because couldn’t imagine what is coming up and had to deal with the fabrics I had. Here you can see my post of this quilt top.

Now it was time to add the binding. For binding I used the leftover scraps.

When I am looking at this quilt now it takes me back to my childhood! The moomin in the backround fabric are like playing hide-and-go-seek in the pinwheel park!!

So, here we go







Have a nice week and a lovely day! Thank you so much for reading my blog and the comments! x Anneli

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I have lot of scraps,small pieces of fabrics and because it is very hard for me to throw away something like fabric you can imagine how is my room…

I thought to make a small tablecloth. I started to make paper piecing first by sewing with machine but as I was keep going I realized that my fabrics were so tiny ones so the only way to keep going was to do all by hand!! Then I made a new decision – not a tablecloth, I would be lost in hand sewing for the whole year! I had to find something else and as I sew and saw how the blocks game out I knew:  The coasters!! Now are they coasters or mug rugs – as you want. ( If the mug rug is something which takes also a piece of cake, so these are not mug rugs they are “only” coasters)










Thanks for visiting and seeing what I have been making!

Have a nice week everybody! x Anneli

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Back again…

I am back here again after so many months! It is since May I wrote my last posting here in my blog, how fast time is passing!

In summer I stayed in Finland quite long time so I didn’t have time for quilts and sewing. I tried to find quilting fabrics and for my bad luck the shop I usually have bought lot of beautiful quilting fabrics was closed and instead of filling my suitcase with fabrics I brought Finnish coffee!!

During summer I sent my sewing machine for service. I have Janome and  I always send it to Athens to Janome  so it takes every time at least few weeks. And after the service it is so lovely to sew like with the new machine!

So I mentioned just few reasons why I am so long time without writing anything…

It is autumn but during this weekend here in Greece it has been very warm and nice weather. Today I finished my quilt I had started in April and I showed the fabrics in the last post.


This is full size quilt 80″ x 80″. I bought Archer pdf pattern by Colorgirl and wanted to use low volume fabrics I had. Because those grey-white srtips were difficult enough to match with each others I chose to make free small flower quilting to “break” the lines. It took quite long time to make machine quilting for so big quilt. For my next quilt I am not going to make the same quilting!


I had also few Liberty fabrics I wanted to put into this quilt.


I know I have to make more practice with my camera…but the quilt is big enough and the only place to hung it is ..volleyball net


or at balcony


Maybe the best place is :


Anyway I am happy I finished it!



And flowers from the garden..


Happy October!

x Anneli

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The pouches

I was almost sure I never win in Giveaways so you can imagine how happy I was when Svetlana from s.o.t.a.k handmade sent me an email and told me that I was a winner in her Giveaway!

So I won the pouch kit and three of her screen printed panels. I made the pouch, it was so easy and fast to make with the instructions.





I show you an other pouch  I have bought the pattern ( anna pouch) from Svetlana too. My daughter chose the fabrics. This pouch has two pouches which are sewn together.




I love these pouches!

After my blue scarp project I started to make a new quilt, this time I am going to make a full size quilt, I just hope I have fabric enough. I found from my boxes quite many fat quarters in low volume and thought it would be nice to have one big quilt made from those fabrics.



But about this new project I will show you more next time. Till then I wish you to be fine and thanks for visiting my blog!


Creative sewing! x Anneli

Blue Blues

Hi! It is so long time since the last posting! I hope you are still there and fine!

I had this scrap project and now at last I finished it! I wanted to make quilting by hand, in that way I was more free to move and because I don’t have permanent place to sew I was not forced to think in which room to sew!

When I started I didn’t have something in my mind I just had huge bag of blue scraps. I am not sure where I am going to put this one- but it is not the result it is the process and it was so relaxing to make this one!





There were so many possibilities to arrange the blocks

DSC_0399 (1)



DSC_0423 (2)





And to the end a photo from lovely Nafplio



Thank you for visiting and have a nice week! x Anneli

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