A piece of cake!

First of all, because this is my first posting here in this year I wish all you good health and joyful moments in this year!

What I have been doing these days? I have been doing the last month something what I was doing occasionally the last 12 months. It is a secret work and I hope it will be finished soon so I can show it to you. Actually it is almost ready. I just have to make a quilting and I am not sure how to do it because it is project with wool!

I made also something  I am going to show you now! I made a hexagon star. I spent a whole day by drawing different sizes of hexagon to make templates to find the size I wanted.


I should have taken the photo from this star beside the matchbox  so you could see  the size but maybe it helps if I say that the outer edge is 4 “.

I also made one piece of cake  and it was not a piece of cake at all!I made the star above with paper – paper piecing and the piece of cake  without paper, just piecing!


Huh, I had also to make hand sewing because there were tiny pieces and it was not possible to use sewing machine. In fact this could be a house too!! Anyway I think I am not going to put it down . I want to do some changes to this cake and I hope  I can show you soon the new piece.

Last evening I finished at least the tree I made applique. I made it a pillow and put the zipper behind. Can you see the ladybug under the tree?


Few days ago we had snow here in our small town. The olive trees  were covered with snow!  We lost the snow at the same day and today it is again a “green” day.




Till next time! x Anneli


A quilt top

Few days ago I finished one quilt top. I had other sewing to do but for some reason I started to make these wheels or circles. The pattern is from Modern Patchwork and it is paper pieced. So for quite many days I was making these circles. I thought to make a top cover for the bed ( which means I should have  done  16 blocks at least) but finally I made only 12 blocks ( each block is 16″ x 16″) and I thought it might be a nice throw beside the couch.




And here is the back of the quilt top


All the blocks on the design wall except one.


One week ago we had a one day trip to Monemvasia


It was a warm day and the cats were sunbathing on stairs…


And today it was a lovely and warm day. The first day of spring and the almond trees are full of beautiful flowers!


Καλό μήνα! Have a nice month! x Anneli