Small houses

The last days I have been sewing small houses. This is a great way to use the scraps. The size of the ready house block is 4″ x 4″ so you can imagine how small the houses are. And I didn’t use the paper!! I made totally 24 blocks and I am thinking how to finish this house project.

Before showing you the photos I just want to say in case you didn’t see the sidebar: I started today in INSTAGRAM!!!You can also follow me there.

And now back to the houses:


In the beginning:






And this last picture I took in the evening without flash and that’s why the colours are smooth.


This is I call happy sewing process ,I loved to play with the colours. This would be a lovely neighborhood to live!

Thanks for your sweet comments! Have a nice week and  happy sewing! x Anneli





Cake for two

Hi, few weeks ago I showed you the piece of cake I made. ( You can read the post here )

It was my daughter’s birthday coming and I thought to make something special. I choose from  318 Patchwork Patterns by Kumiko Fujita the pattern for the cake. After the first cake I decided to make another one. I was on a good way but didn’t keep going. The birthday was coming and I didn’t have time to hand sew more cakes. I had to decide what to do with two pieces of cake.  Thinking, thinking thinking..a pillow or two??  Then I found: It is not “Tea For Two” but it is  ” Cake For Two”  !!









Have a nice week and  creative sewing! x Anneli

Stitching and a book cover

It is quite long time since I have been sewing with my machine. On these days I am hooked on hand stitching. Just sitting and taken few stitches…


without knowing actually what I want to do,just letting my thoughts to fly…


..I love birds and orange..these leafs have touch of velvet.

My daughter gives me her diary, she needs a book cover. I want to give her my bird with the leafs and few stitches. So the work starts:







I finished late in the evening.

And today I started my day with this lovely view..


Have a nice day and a lovely week! Till next time!  x Anneli

Two half done and one done!

Hello my dear friends, I hope you all are fine and waiting for the weekend to sew!

After the year changed I try to avoid to make the program with my sewing just because after I am going to be stressed. So I decided to take each day as it comes without stress and pressure!

So, because I try to take the days as they comes, I find myself with three different works on my sewing table, I hope my year is not going to be chaos and in the end of this year my table will be full off unfinished works!

After having a look at my fabrics I saw bags of scraps…again! ( I thought I didn’t have any more). I had to do something. Without knowing exactly what it is going to be I chose the scrap bag with blue and started to sew, I haven’t finished yet and that’s why I am not showing your everything just few pictures to have a taste..


Now I start to figure out what to do with these blocks, I think…


and I found out that it is lovely to sew the scarps


and just to get lost with those blocks…

By the way I wanted to tell you also about last weekend. Our teens participated in workshop about wearing technology and I showed how to make a backstitch, so on Sunday they were sewing lights Led  and doing embroidery with flashing lights!


They had special threads..


Now back to my scraps! The second work, which is also from small pieces of fabrics is this tree. I tried applique and then I made embroidery too. Making stitching is so relaxing and you can take your work everywhere!DSC_0430

I think it is going to be a pillow. One friend of mine told me I should put it in frame.

These were my two unfinished works till now and to the end I show you the book cover I made to my daughter for her diary. This one I finished and my daughter loved the bees I made from felt.


Before I leave, I want to show one picture from one morning, when I woke up there were so much moisture in the air and it looked so magic.


Take care and happy weekend!  Anneli



My Dolls

Happy New Year!

New Year, new things! I wish health, happiness, love and creativity for everyone!

During the Christmastime the last moment Christmas present idea was the dolls. I had ordered Helen Phillips Modern vintage gifts book and it arrived few days before the Christmas. It is lovely book and when I saw the dolls I wanted to make to my daughters handmade presents. I loved to make those and I am sure I am going to make more. It was funny after long days during the dark nights to make these ‘secret’ presents so no-one to have an idea what was going on. So one day before the Christmas I had hide the dolls into a box ( I hadn’t made them presents yet) the youngest girl came to me and said: Mum why didn’t you tell us that you have made those beautiful dolls!!

Here are few pictures about them:




DSC_0394 (3)

I put the pins with the first letter from my daughters names to their dresses.

To the Christmas tree I made few hearts from the same book!


Have a nice day! x Anneli


Almost ready…

Hello! Today I am going to show you my summer quilt. I still have to complete the binding but I think I will leave that work for the next week. I had problems with my sewing machine when I made quilting. The stitches made loops under the blanket and on the upper side the stitches were jumping. All these problems because of the quality of the thread,needle or different thickness of cotton fabrics…or my sewing machine needs service…But when I put walking foot the stitches were fine!

So here are few pictures

tilkut 148

tilkut 143

Thank you for visiting my blog! x Anneli

Flowers and bags

Hello, I wish all of you to be fine! I have been quite busy and the days pass. I had a small accident with my hand but it is getting better now so I could sew few bags.

The first one is made from squares with warm colors ( 5″ x 5″ ). I thought maybe it is going to be too “hot” for the summer but I think it is ” demi” and it is okay as a summer bag too.


My teen daughter wanted to have her own so I made a little bit bigger and more casual one.


I love her bag, it has very nice color and I quilted squares to the fabric ( you hardly see them).To the both bags I put magnetic buttons.




I started also a new project. I don’t know actually how it is going to be in the end but I thought something with flowers – it is summertime and in my summer there are many flowers!




The most of the flowers are made from low volume fabric. I should have made the better fonto, because it is difficult to see the colors but I will show you my progress next time.

One week ago we found a small cat. It was in a quite bad condition. Now it is getting better and stronger every day and it is so cute!


Isn’t it?

Thank you for visiting my blog! x Anneli