Everything started from here:


I organized my scraps according the color. I try not to throw anything so I have a lot small leftovers and had to do something with them. I chose pink color and started to sew…


But what to do with this small piece of new fabric?


Maybe a blanket for a Rosy? ( Rosy is my daughter’s cuddly,my daughter took Rosy along where ever she went when she was small, so Rosy traveled in many countries and now she is sitting on the bed)

I thought that blanket would be too rosy for Rosy and ….


The “blanket” made a new appearance as a pouch! And now when I made the first Ι remembered the nail polish I had and I made few more these pouches…



During these days when I made these pouches I met one boy who showed me his favorite Lego, Mini Cooper. He told me that he would like to have a nice box to keep it inside. I asked him to come  to my house to make a box. One day he came with his mother and he made this box by himself and he was so happy!



I made also few boxes..they are always needed.



And here are all the pouches and boxes together:


Have a nice and creative week! x Anneli



The pouches

I was almost sure I never win in Giveaways so you can imagine how happy I was when Svetlana from s.o.t.a.k handmade sent me an email and told me that I was a winner in her Giveaway!

So I won the pouch kit and three of her screen printed panels. I made the pouch, it was so easy and fast to make with the instructions.





I show you an other pouch  I have bought the pattern ( anna pouch) from Svetlana too. My daughter chose the fabrics. This pouch has two pouches which are sewn together.




I love these pouches!

After my blue scarp project I started to make a new quilt, this time I am going to make a full size quilt, I just hope I have fabric enough. I found from my boxes quite many fat quarters in low volume and thought it would be nice to have one big quilt made from those fabrics.



But about this new project I will show you more next time. Till then I wish you to be fine and thanks for visiting my blog!


Creative sewing! x Anneli