A Little Bit Of Everything

Today it is a lovely sunny day and the feeling of spring is in the air. I have so many ideas in my head, meaning the sewing of course, but feeling sad at the same time because my hand is not as it should be. I hope it will be better soon and not to be so painful. I try to avoid big projects now till I am again in my full strength but when the sewing bee has bitten there is no matter if I use one or two hands but Have to sew something!!

This time I made few small projects and happy ones.


Inspired by the houses I showed in my last post. Using again the scraps (I feel they never end!) I decided to try to make pincushions like houses adding of course some stitches with embellishment thread.





When I see this tiny house it reminds me about the stories my grandmother told me when it was a bedtime. The magic world of stories! As in fairy tales there are houses and in with the houses there are also animals. I thought coming Easter, I remembered the grass we grew to the plate every Easter in Finland and then decorated the plate with small handmade chickens. I found pattern for small chickens from Tatyana, you should go to see what wonderful things she makes, I love her creativity. This small chick is so cute, I have to make more, I just love it!!


Having company this chick I made a new small pouch



These are the small things I wanted to show you, here are few more photos to see



And with this photo from our cat and the fresh lemons I wish you all to be fine and have creative sewing! x Anneli

Thanks for your visit here!





A quilt top

Few days ago I finished one quilt top. I had other sewing to do but for some reason I started to make these wheels or circles. The pattern is from Modern Patchwork and it is paper pieced. So for quite many days I was making these circles. I thought to make a top cover for the bed ( which means I should have  done  16 blocks at least) but finally I made only 12 blocks ( each block is 16″ x 16″) and I thought it might be a nice throw beside the couch.




And here is the back of the quilt top


All the blocks on the design wall except one.


One week ago we had a one day trip to Monemvasia


It was a warm day and the cats were sunbathing on stairs…


And today it was a lovely and warm day. The first day of spring and the almond trees are full of beautiful flowers!


Καλό μήνα! Have a nice month! x Anneli

10 x 10 = 100 x 35 = 3. 500… SQUARES !

Hello! Today it is spring in an air. This season I love yellow. After the dark winter it brings light and energy.

neli;peitto 041

From the garden I found many flowers, like this blue – violet one

neli;peitto 028

I don’t feel myself very blue one, I think I am more red one. So I decided to try to be more blue:

I started from the backing :

neli;peitto 035

Hmm..I am not used with the blue, I have to ask help from black and white

neli;peitto 036

Now I feel much more better to keep going

neli;peitto 037

I couldn’t stay in different tones of blue and I made a mix !

neli;peitto 038

But I tried to make a blue quilt! I think it is almost blue…Each block has 100 small squares and the quilt has 3.500 squares !!! And it seems to have less! My son is counting everything and he said that each square is 1 euro so the cost of the whole quilt is 3.500 euros !!!

Here are some more photos from this quilt: ( To take photos is difficult for me, to catch the colors..I have to start to learn to take photos…)

neli;peitto 026

neli;peitto 016

neli;peitto 025

neli;peitto 024

neli;peitto 013

and about the quilting

neli;peitto 023

neli;peitto 029

And because I try to learn to be more blue – violet, I show you my anemone – isn’t it beautiful ?!!

neli;peitto 005

Thank you for reading and visiting my blog! Have a nice week! x Anneli