Handsewing and quilting

Hello my dear friends, I just want to show you how the things are going:

My star has been growing more


Now I should make these star-flowers four or five more in different colors. I think I am going to have a small break because I have to collect some fabrics and it is quite a lot of work to hand sew all these small pieces.


The pictures are not the best ones and my desingwall has a white background so I took another photo with different light

DSC_0892 (2)

After all this piecing I missed my sewing machine. I cooked yesterday for today so I had few hours today in the morning  to do quilting. And it was lovely; the thread was not cutting!


I hope the quilt will be ready in the near future so I can show it to you.

With my best wishes, Anneli

My first quilt

Hello! Today it was sunny. I arranged my quilts and want now to show you the first quilt I made. It was few years ago, I found pattern from Internet, I had some fabric and I was ready to take my first step to the world of the quilts. I knew sewing from my school time and fortunately I had brought my sewing machine from Finland when I got married! I made quilting by hand, I didn’t know actually what was the right quilting but I tried to make tiny,tiny stitches.. And I finished this quilt in very short time, I was so enthusiastic with my new hobby!! The binding is quite thick, I didn’t have an idea about basting! I wanted to do the quilt for my youngest daughter and because I didn’t have a lot of fabric I tried to make it larger with binding!!! Now it is a little bit short for my daughter but she still loves to be covered with it.

Here are some pictures about the quilt. The light was doing some tricks , I told it was a sunny day!



and Gourgour cat loves the camera…


Though it was sunny and warm today, there is something which reminds me about autumn:



In my last post I showed you the star from my project. Now this star has become larger….


I hope you to have lovely October and thank you for reading my posts and thank you for your nice comments! Anneli

A star by hand sewing

Hello after so long time! I haven’t forgot my blog but I had a quite busy summer. Now I am back at home and in every-day-program.

During the summer I gave time for myself and I was reading  a lot of the other’s blogs like Nero’s post, quilting stories,the root connection just to mention a few of them. There are so many talented quilters  and it is a big pleasure to see the photos  from their creations! Thanks for sharing yours nice works and stories, it is lovely to know there are so many other people who have the same passion.

I took my sewing machine to the “doctor” and now it is working fine. Despite of that I started a project which looks like this,it is sure it takes long time, because it will be done by hand sewing…


This is the first star. It has a kaleidoscopic effect and I liked the way to work it out. It is very relaxing to sew by hand!


I can’t resist to show this jug of Arabia, I found it from bazaar in Finland


I started also to make the pinwheels quilt. ( Not by hand!)


More in the next post…

Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a nice week!